Book Cover Commission – ‘Vietnam : What have they done to the rain? A kiwi soldiers memoir of Vietnam’

This commission was to create a book cover for a New Zealand Vietnam Veteran’s story about his two tours of Vietnam. This was something a bit different for me as it required a new medium. I was to work in the ‘digital world’, ultimately manipulating a photo taken by the author while on tour in Vietnam.
The brief was to create an image based on photos taken in Vietnam by the Author. It had to convey an iconic image of being a Gunner on active duty in Vietnam.
Consultation between the author and publisher explored many options; finally settling on an image of a Howitzer in recoil from firing.
To me, one of the successes was manipulating the photo so that the changes made were undetected by the viewer.

The changes included:
* Significant enlargement from the original without losing quality
* Removal of photographic damage of original (creases, damage to photo)
* Moving the soldier in the foreground
* Creating the second gun in the background
* Adding emotive colour to the black and white image via the guns discharge (smoke)
Author and publisher were thrilled with the result.
Overall, a successful collaboration!

Mark Duggan

All artwork is the intellectual property and copyright of Mark Duggan. No work is to be copied or reproduced without permission of the artist.

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